Because I am a nerd of the highest order, I have provided some maps for you, in case you’re interested in where, exactly, some of the places I like to talk about are. Baden-Baden, for example, is way down on the lower right, in the elbow of the little cut-out wedge shape you’ll see. Baden-Baden is at the foothills of a the Black Forest. They make cake and ham. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Berlin is up in the north east, the big spot on the upper right. They make Currywurst and grey winters.

(Map source: US Central Intelligence Agency)

And here’s Europe. You’ve got Norway, Sweden, and Finland, three long shapes in blue, pink and green hanging down from the upper center/right, and Russia, in cream, to the right of them. Just below Finland, and to the left of Russia, is Estonia, also in a kind of tan cream color. Below Estonia are Latvia and Lithuania. All of these places make amazingly talented and beautiful people.

Germany is directly below Norway and Sweden (and Denmark, which is hard to discern here), in a kind of lovely pea green. Poland, in green, is to the right of Germany, and France, in a poison greenish color, is to the left.

(Map source: US Central Intelligence Agency)