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The Village of Poing

I was so busy talking on the phone and writing messages that I got on the wrong train, which means I got a nice little sight-seeing tour way out in the eastern corners of Munich. Mostly it was any variation of meadow-snow-trees, but I was very happy indeed to pass through the following villages on the way back to town and the airport… (which are finding themselves in the near of each other’s.)


In the air again

I’m up in the air again, for an audition in Munich. Unfortunately, I took the crazy option, and boarded at 7:00 am for an 11:00 am appointment, rather than arriving early and staying overnight. I’m not necessarily a morning person, but if it’s a one-off early day, I’m usually totally fine, probably because I never really get enough sleep, so I’m used to the deprivation.

Adam and Eve playset. For kids of all ages.

I did a little window shopping while I was in Munich. Germans really do Christmas decorations beautifully, little handcrafty things and ornaments, so when I noticed that one shop was still showing ornaments in the windows, I headed over to check it out, thinking it might be a very late sale of some kind.

But it was actually filled with spring ornaments, which I don’t recall ever seeing anywhere before.

Bunnies, birds, fairy tale characters, spring trees, mushrooms, flowers and… wait… what the–

Oh my. Springtime indeed.