Tinkering with repertoire (one of my favorite pastimes)

by Sirje

This was a busy summer! I just returned last week from a fantastic program in Berlin with John Norris, Ann Rodiger, plus a whole bunch of other great coaches and teachers, called Performance Practices. I got some excellent repertoire advice and have made a few little adjustments away from the mopey girls (I’m looking at you, Rusalka, Mimi and Amina) and towards the flirty crazies (hello, Lulu, Violetta, Fiordiligi and Musetta… eventually maybe getting a little more dramatic).

I’m thrilled. This rep feels great anyway, the music is fabulous, I have plenty of voice for it and then some, and I love being able to bring power and energy more like my own to my singing. It’s the right step. The experts agree.