by Sirje

Got back Sunday from having a LOT of fun singing in the Elblandfestspiele. We’ll see if my solo made the cut on the final show, I know they did have to leave a lot out of the final broadcast and I was probably the lowest man on the totem pole there, what with artists like Eva Lind, Stefanie Schaefer, Yma América, Erkan Aki, Renis Mendoza, Eduardo Villegas, Radoslaw Rydlewski, Christian Grygas, the whistler (amazing) Geert Chatrou, sax player Tina Tandler, and, my personal favorites, the Comedian Harmonists Today. Best earworms ever.

Oh and the absolutely stunning RBB moderator, Madeleine Wehle. Oh! And the MDR Deutsches Fernsehballett and how could I forget Heinz Walter Florin leading the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg! Every single one of these artists, amazing, and lovely people to boot.

I think we had something over 4,000 audience members together for the two nights, which is pretty cool.

If you happen to be in Berlin or Brandenburg, you can watch the show tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:15pm. It’ll be shown again several times on (I think) RBB and 3Sat.