castle concert #1

by Sirje

We gave a fabulous concert last night of German repertoire (I sang Beethoven and Nicolai) at an old castle in Meyenburg, which has been turned into a museum of ladies’ fashion since the 1900s (click for the link).

The collection belongs to one woman, Josefine Edle von Krepl, who was a seamstress and costumer at a few big theaters in and around Berlin. She showed us around a little, and I must say, it is pretty darn impressive, what she’s got there. It’s no small wonder she sometimes hosts major designers who come for research. Everything in mint condition, with shoes, jewelry, accessories. Wedding gowns, ball gowns, daily wear, coats. (A few unsettling mannequins of children thrown in a few seldom-tread corners just for effect.) There’s also a cafe featuring antique china patterns, and a shop of antique jewelry. Gorgeous.

She hosts musical events once a month in a large salon/ballroom upstairs, and exhibits the works of artists as well. We saw a few beautiful textile pieces on the walls.

Next concert tonight: Rossini, Bellini.

That’s me on the right in the last photo, wearing the light brown dress.