frida kahlo

by Sirje

Saw the Frida Kahlo exhibit yesterday at the Martin Gropius house in Berlin. After an absolutely ridiculously disorganized and needlessly long and uncomfortable THREE long lines to wait in over two hours (with another half hour to 45 minutes shaved off only because I complained to the right person) we had an hour and a half to rush around and take in a stunning collection of her work and life, and works of those close to her, with paintings, sketches, clothing, her necklace, film… It was a fascinating portrait of her life, with very well-written accompanying texts. I wish we had had time to listen to the audio guide and watch the movies as well.

We also stopped by the Neue Nationalgalerie to check out an installation on the ground floor: a giant photocopied and printed carpet with an astounding chandelier. The first photo is that installation taken from outside the building, with the blue skies reflected against the windows.

Finished off the day in Potsdam.