milan take #4820864

by Sirje

I am just about ready to throw WordPress out the window, if that were a physical possibility.

This is the fifth time I have composed mannered witticisms to accompany my dreary snapshots. This time, I don’t care how clever or informative they are. I’m not doing it again. I refuse!! Gaaack!!

Deep breath. Ok.

So I flew over some mountains in a little Fokker and arrived in Milan. It was my first time in the city. Weather was warm but fabulous because, really, it is impossible not to feel fabulous in Italy. Close to my hotel (AC Milan, highly recommended), is the Parco Sempione, a huge beautiful public space. At the upper end is the Napoleone Arena, a huge old walled arena, around which hundreds of people were happily jogging and running on a wide bleached stone track.

Walking south, streams and rivers crisscross the paths. To the east, the very old, very big and somewhat ugly Castello Sforzesco. Which also has WiFi, btw. Strange yet helpful.

As you can see, I am still very much on a Hipstamatic kick, with apologies to people with taste and/or red-green blindness.

Surrounding the castle is the old moat area, now the grassy home to a gabillion cicadas and sparrows, who darted around, playing, chirping, bug hunting. I stood here for a few minutes as the sun juuuuuuust started setting, and recorded a minute or two of the sounds around me, for posterity. Birds flying, pedestrians crunching on the walkway, kids laughing, people talking, cicadas warming up for the evening… it was gorgeous.

I swung down to the southern end of the park long enough to take in the Arco della Pace, where the third outdoor concert I’d seen in under three hours of walking was in full swing.

Definitely a city that loves music. Ok I’m afraid to add more photos to this posting, so I’ll put up some more tomorrow. I promise they are righter than these!