potsdam picnic

by Sirje

We drove the 20 or 30 minutes down to Potsdam and had a picnic on the water. There’s a giant hill where we like to sit on benches outside the big old castle Schloss Babelsberg, looking down at the sailboats.

It was a bone fide summers day; hot, and smelling of lavender, grass, and whatever other kind of flowers are blooming and baking now in the sun. There was a slight breeze. Squirrels frolicking in the bushes, birds chasing each other around and around and around.

This is a very peaceful spot, and we were almost entirely alone all afternoon.

Here’s a view of the Glienicker Brücke. During the Cold War, because this bridge separated East and West (you can still see the actual line there), the USSR and the US used the bridge to swap captured spies and prisoners.

There was a plaque outside the gates of the castle behind us, which is currently under (badly needed) renovation, stating that “of all the castles belonging to Wilhelm I and Augusta, this was most certainly his favorite residence for summers in northern Germany.”


It was incredibly peaceful. Resting on the grass here is forbidden for some strange reason, and it has nothing to do with pesticides, because they don’t use them here. It’s just not allowed.


Blinding the wildlife. We went running afterwards, but not here.

Sun is setting. Here’s a little bridge over a part of the river leading back to the village.

Last view of the sunset over the water.

It was still light out at 9, 10pm. Saw a fox on the way back, jogging from place to place. Maybe checking hunting grounds? Looking for someone? It was a little alarming how utterly unafraid of us it was. It also seemed to be panting, and if we weren’t right smack next to a giant freshwater lake, I’d have tried to set out some water for it. It was a hot day, but this young little fox seemed to be struggling a little too much.

Back on Kurfurstendamm, people were STILL partying about the great Germany vs. UK game that ended hours earlier. It was a pretty big deal, though; most crushing defeat for England in a World Cup game since 1966, and they are bitter rivals. Germany advances. Fans go crazy, driving up and down Ku’Damm in rather alarming passenger configurations.

There is nothing more awesome than totally happy Germans just getting crazy on their own happiness. It’s really fun to watch.