vin d’orange (sort of)

by Sirje

After my walnut liqueur-making extravaganza, I had a few ingredients left over; oranges, cinnamon sticks (which I actually didn’t wind up using at all), a vanilla pod, not quite a full bottle of cheapish white wine and a little vodka. I remembered that I’d seen a recipe for Vin d’Orange while I was researching the walnut liqueur, but I had no idea where and I wasn’t about to go looking since I knew I had the wrong kind of orange, anyway (mine were sweet juice oranges, but you’re supposed to use bitter Seville oranges).

I did remember that the basic recipe was similar to that of the walnut liqueur, so I decided to wing it and just make an unofficial version with my leftovers. It will hopefully make a great aperitif. Right now, after having sat around for 2 days, it tastes like acid. Gack.

Here’s what it looks like: just a bunch of orange pulp up at the top.

I didn’t measure anything, but it looked like just under 2 cups of vodka, a few oranges (peel and all), and 3/4 cup of white sugar. I threw it all into the blender along with an extra peach I had lying around, pulsed it a bit (too much, probably), and then added that to my sort of shrimpy little vanilla pod and a cinnamon stick along with the better part of a bottle of white wine. I tasted it “raw” before I added the wine and it was surprisingly yummy just then. I’ll let it all sit around for to 20/40 days and filter it really well when I also filter the vin de noix and see how it turns out. I still haven’t checked my proportions so I have no expectations.

Hopefully this one will accidentally turn out. We’ll see!