baby grapes

by Sirje

I took a series of grape closeups earlier, which wound up looking kind of like a blurry green blob in front of more blurry green blobs with a pointy sponge in the foreground.

The purpose of the close ups was to tell you about the state of German grapes at the moment, specifically little baby Riesling grapes. Which are not yet even grapes, more like the indication of grape-type formations.

The vines are fluffy with big grape leaves at the moment, as you can see from the photos that did sort of work, but that will all be cut back drastically later to give the grapes more time in the sun.

Those are all grapes, as far as the eye can see! It’s really great weather today.

And from the left:

Grapes, hills, trees. Grapes, hills, trees.

This big white building in the back is a quite good restaurant. We were there a few nights ago. Tasty!

An alien with painfully dry hands stopped by to hold up a sprig of baby plum for you. These plums will eventually be Schnapps.