pudru, perfect pink roses, and sheeps milk on the way out

by Sirje

Some roses for Lander, who was very loved.

The kitchen is already a war zone so I decided to build on that and make buckwheat pudru, which is porridge, but tastes much better, in my opinion, if you use the Estonian name. You can only get it in Russian shops here. Unfortunately I don’t read Russian. YET. But I managed to bring a few boxes from Estonia last time I was there a few months ago.

My point in telling you this is to warn you, for no reason, not to use old-ish raw sheeps milk for cooking your pudru. That doesn’t really work out so well. I’m guessing. I mean I would certainly never make such an amateur mistake, because obviously oldish raw sheeps milk is going to be way too sour, thick, and gamey, and is just going to separate into disgusting cheesy particles when you cook pudru with it.