eesti lied

by Sirje

Today we were invited to the “birthday” celebration of the Estonian embassy in Berlin.

We spoke at length with a retired lieutenant colonel from the German army from Berlin who fought with Estonians and Finns against soviet forces, who explained that the embassy was opened in 1920, which was shortly after the declaration first period of modern Estonian independence. During the second world war, he explained, the embassy was a ruin, but the land was defended by the other allies against the Russians, for one day, when Estonia would be free again.

Before cake inside, a choir from Estonia sang outside in a little outdoor area owned by the German ministry of defense. There was a bit of food, vodka, Vana Tallinn, etc. The usual. Unfortunately, there was a lot of noise being made by the thirsty visitors, so please strain your ears for the beauty of this song, below, over clanking Saku bottles. I sadly did not get the very unusual first part of this song on tape because, frankly, I was too busy being stricken by sudden tears. It was just gorgeous. It was like relentless soft waves of an ocean, all the singers were standing throughout the crowd, and it was just wave after wave or these outrageously fragile harmonies, then flutters, then calm, then this beautiful melody that I finally had the presence of mind to tape a bit of. Ach! So pretty.

So, at least, here is a clip of the second part; I hope you enjoy it, despite the poor recording, as much as I did.