happy memorial day weekend from Germany

by Sirje

This Memorial Day, I’m thinking of my Onu Ants, whom I never met, but who had a huge positive impact on my family; without this crazy brave guy, a pilot who ran off to join the Air Force way before he was really allowed to, a whole fantastic wing of the family wouldn’t even exist.

(No, Germans don’t celebrate the sacrifice of fallen American soldiers, in case that was something you were wondering).

One thing I miss here in Germany is the way of celebrating even solemn holidays. In particular with a grill, way too much potato salad (side note: German potato salad in the US is way tastier, generally speaking), and some form of sitting around outside near a body of water. Germany has a lot more holidays (mostly religious), but the grilling is excessively tidy and not really done in conjunction with holidays. Also, large nearby bodies of water form drafts which threaten one’s kidneys: best to stay indoors once it’s dusk.

Speaking of water, yesterday was gorgeous, but today is RAIN. Which is bad news for Poland, which happens to not be too far from Berlin; the Polish government doesn’t really think it’s necessary to protect it’s people from flooding.