I smell summer

by Sirje

I hear thunder, but I smell summer outside the window. With my eye, I detect a slight increase or darkening in chlorophyll. Cells were obviously quite busy last night.

We had a great last show last night. The audience seemed to really love it and I felt really good about my work. It’s been an incredible experience, with lovely people. I am especially grateful to our director, who, by being exactly who she is and having the exact visions she does, opened up a whole side of my acting I had almost forgotten about having. I’m really amazed by what she accomplished with us, and hope it’s not the last time we do a new production together. You’re fabulous, Anke!!

Today I am sitting around eating cheese, drinking carbonated water and smelling plants, and avoiding taking allergy medicines, and not worrying about Menotti, a very unpleasant man who wrote very uncomfortable lines for sopranos. The jerk.

In a few minutes I’ll crack open the Lucia score. Another demented, broken character. I love those. And with lots of notes! But way easier (I’M TALKING TO YOU, MENOTTI) than fewer notes all in the same 3 places over and over and on an EE vowel. Makes me wonder whether he really even wanted Monica to sound at all “pretty,” seeing as how he made that as difficult as possible to accomplish for anyone other than maybe a leggiero or soubrette.