attention, armchair psychologists

by Sirje

Last night I had a very odd dream that, after arrival at a very large fancy buffet-style family restaurant, and before I and about 20 other singers sat down, Susan Graham showed up disguised as a book. I said hello. She said hello. Then she took out a black marker and wrote in Chinese or hieroglyphics on someone else’s neck and left. Then the rest of us went and got something to eat. The end.

I had the night off last night, and got to have fun playing Cymballine in A Hand of Bridge. It’s a role that doesn’t actually exist but the director of that part of the show had a cute idea to actually show the audience all the fantasies the actual singers are singing about. I think it was nicely done. I also sang the creepy ghost voice from offstage, naturally doing my utmost to make it as creepy as possible.

So tonight I sing again, then tomorrow is the last show. There is some kind of football game happening tonight, Milan and whoever else wears the best shorts in Germany, and I’m hoping that won’t affect attendance.