Skin Deep

by Sirje

As a kind of footnote to the last post, which was about shopping for professional make up like Kryolan, Make Up For Ever, Paris Berlin and MAC, I want to share a great site with you:

Skin Deep: The Cosmetic Safety Database is just that; you can enter a makeup, skin care, or hair care product you use or are curious about, and it will provide information about the product’s actual ingredients and let you know what the exact dangers of each of those ingredients are, with a handy rating system to give you a good idea of how dangerous each ingredient and each product overall is. It also lets you know whether a company does animal testing.

If you have sensitive skin or know that some products really do not work for you and want to avoid bad reactions before buying, or want to avoid known toxins and carcinogens (who wouldn’t?), this is a great resource. Its database is extensive, but not every single thing is listed. For example, Kryolan is not listed at all, so what I did was the super OCD method of cross-checking ingredients from the Kryolan site.

Skin Deep is managed by the Environmental Working Group, which is a great source of practical news on (duh) environmental research and headlines with a step slant towards American consumer protection and awareness. Cell phone radiation, pesticides, toxins, sustainable farming, you name it, you can learn about it there.

If you are the type who likes recommendations from other people before you shell out for things, you might like Make Up Alley. There, users sign up and write reviews of products. Every user enters a little basic data about their skin (type, color, problems, age group) so you can get a pretty good idea about what reviews are more useful to your skin type.