Apotheosis: the plan continues

by Sirje

Every singer has their weird little issues and things or new ideas that they are working on at any given time. Like every singer, I LOVE this exploration. We better love it, because we have to do it All. The. Time. But with so much input, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of how it all fits within the context of our learning styles and specifically, as I learned today, the language we each use to teach ourselves. Especially when it comes to technique.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who recognize that I mostly need to understand ideas kinesthetically but that I also need to have a way to explain that to my left brain so that it sticks, usually via a description of the physical process in my crazy Picasso-like conception of what my singing apparatus looks like.

Today, for example, I had a session with an amazing bodywork coach/teacher who knows this about me, and encouraged me to try to put what I learn and feel into my own visual/kinesthetic language. So first we spent a good long while just in a chair or on the floor, isolating the muscles I want to work for me, feeling the connections throughout and between different muscle groups and structures, basically observing with purpose and getting feedback on what works and doesn’t, and why. Then he had me draw what I learned or understood or felt with colored pencils. I drew a coat hanger, a bee or ant butt, a wooden plank with a hole cut out, and an empty round orange peel.

I don’t know how most people visualize their bodies. Probably in some humanoid form.