cops and robbers!

by Sirje

We had a little excitement the other morning. Around 3:30 am, three guys with big empty plastic lawn bags jumped a few ridiculously high fences and came into our garden. Luckily I heard them, because they jumped with the bags, and the bags were open (and ostensibly carried a few tools). And the neighbors across the yard just happened to be sitting on their balcony right above, watching the whole thing.

When I heard them, I got up and looked out the window, and there was some guy, standing outside my window. Yikes.

It took a second for us to actually see one another because of how the light was shining at our window, but then I said “Hey, what is that guy doing in our yard?” I guess he didn’t expect to see anyone, either, and luckily they all took off running back the way they came, without a word. When the police came a few minutes later, we realized that the outside basement door was unlocked (we’re the only ones that use it, unless someone is working on the garden or the building somehow), and the plan was probably to go clean out the basement storage units.

The police were very attentive and friendly, and took time to listen and give advice; and of course they came immediately. Ultimately, they said, thieving is just another profession. They do it to feed their families, and they have gotten pretty good at it– good at not getting caught, particularly, which includes not hurting people.