grey and green berlin

by Sirje

Another grey Berlin day, but it’s really, truly officially green, now. I know I must seem overly fascinated by the weather, but honestly: it has been one long winter!!

Update: ok so now that I got home and had a chance to look at this post from my actual computer, I feel like I have to explain why it looks like the Hauptbahnhof looks like it’s housing a massive radioactive glo-stick. The thing is, I have a toy on my phone called “Pro HDR,” which presumably stands for “Pro Highly Dubious Results,” and that is what you see here.

It’s meant to help you get a better definition result in low lighting or overbright conditions with your little dinky phone camera. Sometimes that works, but other times you get this weird halo, or blurs in illogical places, because you actually have to take the photo twice: for the first photo you mark extra bright spots, and on the second photo you mark extra dark spots. Then you add magic beans and the program gives you your blended photo. If you move your hand too much, you’re likely to get blurs, and if you don’t mark the right spots, you get major halos and fog, but those are hard to see on the phone screen.

But I recommend the program, because when the photos work out well, they work out very well. Not exactly National Geographic material, but interesting.