recyclables as art

by Sirje

This is something I saw while visiting (long story) a kind of private recycling facility. Maybe recycling facilities are not the sexiest thing in the world- after all, it’s basically trash- but here it was all neatly stored, and the sky was so deep blue that it actually was kinda… pretty!

I think my camera makes it easy for me sometimes. The sky is so blue!! It’s amazing what that little old thing can do, especially since the day before these pictures were taken, I took a photo of a tree or something when the flash decided to randomly go off  with a little explosion and a thin whisp of smoke. Slightly worrisome.

But apparently the camera knows what it’s doing, so I won’t question it’s technical mysteries until it actually catches fire in my hand.

Here I think it looked more poetic in real life, but I couldn’t quite capture the entire scene. This is pre-sort, I think, but I liked the wall that enclosed this whole area and all the trees poking out from behind, looking over the wall, and the high tension wires in the distance. It was a very interesting place.

Oh, and this is Speedy. He keeps an eye on the place.

Speedy was recently neutered. I asked him about it but he didn’t really want to talk about it, understandably.