Viral smackdown 2010: Flu vs. Cold vs. Avocado

by Sirje

So I was sick for a while there. I took my big fuzzy head to bed and curled up with a forest worth of tissues, a stack of murder mysteries, warm socks, and my laptop. That’s how I came across this handy chart:

Luckily, I don’t get sick very easily, but in this case I think the cold wet snow, a little too little sleep, and travel caught up to me in the form of a nice little cold.

And for the second part of this important public service announcement to everybody out there sick in bed with an iPhone in easy reach, I’d like to alert society to the following holistic gem: Smash Fiesta. Which used to be called Guacamole. But now it’s Smash Fiesta. And it’s what kept me from eating my hand after day 5 or 6 or 7 in bed.

It’s an extremely silly, addicting, and really somewhat gross game in which you make, well, guacamole, by smacking the right ingredients as they pop up. Tomatoes, avocado, sour cream, garlic… but o dear o dear take care not to smack poo poo santiago, who will make a little poo noise and just ruin your lovely guacamole.

Then you feed nachos to a disembodied mustachioed Mexican.

Like I said, it’s pretty silly.

And… kinda gross.

But highly, highly addicting & distracting.

I am currently number 5 out of 1000 global guacamole players.

Don’t worry, getting a life is first on my list this week.