by Sirje

With only a few short hours to kill in Munich the other day, and such gorgeous blue skies, I decided to brave the cold and head over to Marienplatz and get a quick bite to eat at the Viktualienmarkt, a large outdoor market a few steps from the Rathaus.

It’s lovely to walk around, peek into every stand, check out the sculptures peppered here and there about the place, and shop a bit.

The shopkeepers are very friendly. You don’t have to ask them to pose twice.

Every stand specializes in one thing or another. Here we have pepper-related items.

You’ll have to use your imagination and picture the other booths yourself. I was too busy actually looking around and oo-ing and ah-ing to take proper pictures, sorry.

I salivated for a good long time over the cheese booths, dried exotic fruits, and wines, but in the end I gave in to a Flusskrebs sandwich.

I’ve never met a German river crab I didn’t like. And these were huge!