-22° C

by Sirje

It’s a tad cold here in Berlin at the moment. My feet are always freezing, I’m wearing sweaters to bed, and I really can’t look at any more snow, which by now is universally black and filthy brown-gray from dirt, sand and trash. There’s been so much ice this year, that they just had to keep piling on the gravel to keep people from slipping. Except that at some point they ran out of gravel, so they switched to sand. But then they ran out of sand, and they just started throwing plain old DIRT and grit all over the place.

I am officially over snow and cold. It is dead to me.

Warm things, please! Black volcanic sand, big frothy warm waves, sunny blue skies, riots of flowers. I’d even take a monsoon and an aggressive sand flea, I’m just that desperate.

Hm. This is getting serious. It’s time to break out a couple vacation photos. I need to remember what it’s like to feel my fingers and not freeze my eyeballs when I get the paper.

That’s more like it. Not exactly swimming water, though. I need something a little more beachy to lift me out of this dreary winter reality.

Ahhhhh now we’re talking. Broiling hot volcano magic.

See that big rope going across the bottom of the photo into the water? That’s the thing you grab to avoid being swept out to sea by giant man-eating waves while you’re enjoying your refreshing swim on an extremely hot day at the beach in tempestuous waters.

For example:

Ah, but it’s all good fun. Really good fun. On the beach. In the water. In the summer…. in the sun… where’s it hot… WAAAH! It’s only January!!

O dear o dear. And it doesn’t even start thinking about getting warm here until May-ish.

Hurry up, summer!

I miss you. You are truly spectacular.

Plus… my toes are cold.