Hoorig isch die Katz

by Sirje

So here are a few more fun facts about Fasnacht in Baden-Württemberg, so that I can use up the rest of my photos.

For example, the locals call it “Fasnet.” And they probably tuck 15 separate vocal inflections into those 2 little syllables, too.

In the last post, I told you about the “NARRI?” “NARRO!!” thing, which is very important. I also warned you about eating plenty of jelly donuts.

But it turns out there are also all kinds of little songs you have to sing on Fasnacht, which, like the costumes, vary from region to region and village to village. These little songs are called Narrozunft, they are just about the silliest thing ever.

My husband recited, for example, a completely nonsensical song about a hairy cat with a belt, and a pig who certainly won’t be receiving any more liverwurst. Here is a similar one, in all it’s Badisch glory:

“Hoorig, hoorig, hoorig isch die Katz’
und wenn die Katz’ it hoorig isch
dann fängt sie keine Mäuse nisch!”

In other words, “The cat is furry. If the cat is not furry, then she will not catch a mouse.”

Well, yes. Logically.

Oh this one is even better:

Nudle, Nudle is i gern,
aber nu die g’sottne.
Schöne Maidle küss i gern,
aber s’isch verbote.

Ok, “Noodles, noodles, I eat them gladly, but only the ones that are cooked. I also kiss pretty girls gladly, but it’s forbidden.”

Look, don’t even try to make sense of it. It’s useless.