Doorways of Tallinn

by Sirje

Today we have doorways. Doorways of Tallinn. As you can see, Tallinn has quite a few of them, and they are rather spectacular.

What can we say about doorways? They’re useful. They let you in, they let you out. They’re fairly easy to use, generally speaking, which is pleasant. The basic function is easy to  grasp.

Sometimes, if you want to get metaphorical, and hey why not. Let’s get metaphorical.

Sometimes, doorways open for you, and you walk in, and everything is peachy. Sometimes, doorways open for you, and what you were expecting to see is not there. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact the thing that is there might be really great, and you might be totally prepared to take advantage of it, and be quite pleased about it, in fact.

Such as when you think you’re auditioning for maybe 5 people, and there turn out to be, oh, 50 people. And not from one house, but more like 4 or 5 houses. Not that I would complain!

Okay, so that was a bad example of a metaphor. I changed my mind as I started typing, and decided to just go for it, whole hog, and give you all 2% of what I am obliquely trying to depict here.

I say the more the merrier. I hope the next one has 100.