Tallinn in snow

by Sirje

I walked around a bit today in the snow. I’ve no idea just how cold it is, but I would have snuggled up to a stinking wild pig if one were in the area and amenable to the idea.

It’s just beautiful, everywhere you look.

The camera can’t really handle the cold, though, and freezes, has battery complaints after approximately 5 seconds of being outside my pocket.

That works well, however, because 5 seconds is about all my poor little naked hands could take. Cold! Really really really cold! Gloves just made it worse because I spent more time trying to hit the little buttons.

The pale yellow building on the left here above is the oldest working pharmacy in Europe, and has been in business since the early 1400s. It’s all on the main market square, which dates back to the eleventh century sometime. The little grey building in the center is my favorite in all of Tallinn. I take a picture of it every single time I come. That’s not an exaggeration; I could do a thorough retrospective of this building’s evolution.

The market is all packed up for the year.

This tree on the main square, Raekoja Plats, grew three legs and would like to take a walk back to Christmas.

The tower you see here belongs to Pühavaimu Kirik, a stunning church which was built in the thirteenth century.

The sun sets a bit later now than it has, but still early enough to effectively chase me home for a warm cup of tea.

I never get tired of looking at these trees. The snow sticks on the branches because there’s so little wind at the moment, and the low temperatures freeze everything up there.