Oh here I am

by Sirje

It was a long travel day to Tallinn.

It was a connecting flight from Berlin, because they don’t really do direct flights to Tallinn anymore.

But I’m a big Lufthansa fan, so that’s fine with me.

It got a little windy in Frankfurt, which I find to always be the case. Though usually it’s more your standard up-and-down turbulence and not creepy side-to-side fishtail turbulence, which is a little gross.

But it’s Lufthansa, they know what they’re doing.

I had a very interesting seat mate on the connecting flight to Tallinn. She has a great, GREAT passion for cherry tomatoes and eats them every chance she gets. She even brought a very special stash with her on the flight, and she and her husband checked on them periodically, but never ate one. I got to hear alllll about it, and then some.

You never know what’s going to make some people tick, do you.

Me, I get pretty happy about huge old trees completely covered with sparkly thick ice,  the total quiet of snow at night.

It’s nice to be back here.