Ode to an UBahn Station

by Sirje

On the way home the other day, I composed a very bad poem about an Ubahn station here in the neighborhood.


Please don’t ask me why. But I did.


You won’t be reading that very bad poem here, because fortunately I didn’t write it down. But as consolation, I’ve taken a few photos of the station that provoked my poetic fit.


It’s a fairly typical Berlin underground station. Perhaps even a bit dull as far as Ubahn stations go.

But it does have one special feature: An excellent flower shop. It might not look like much from the outside, but it’s actually my favorite place for flowers.


What makes it so great is that they have all the usual things, plus a lot of very unusual things that are more difficult to find in the fancy shops above ground (especially at a reasonable price), and everything is always totally fresh. They actually price according to freshness and how many vase days they potentially have left, not according to how they actually look that day, which is something I really appreciate. And if you ask them to, they’ll make all kinds of crazy pretty arrangements.


They often have unusual things inside, and outside they’ll have cheap little sweet things that are hard to resist on snowy January days.


Just the kind of thing you want to bring home with you after a long day of singing.