Not Munich

by Sirje

I was supposed to go to Munich the other day. But I didn’t go. Why, you ask? Because LOOK! My SCOOTER!

Just kidding, I don’t have a scooter.

Usually Berlin in the winter is just grey and dreary, so this is quite something to see, this snow thing.

I was supposed to have an audition today in Munich, but then the audition was sadly rescheduled after I’d already bought the ticket. But I was happy to go spend a day walking around Munich. I love that city. (Much more than Berlin, actually. Don’t tell Berlin.)

But that all happened before this crazy weather showed up.

And so, this particular trip to Munich, hapless victim of weather, flight delays, cancelled audition, and a persistent curiosity about how it might feel to in fact stay home all day in pajamas, was not to be.

I changed out of my pajamas long enough to take a walk around for a few minutes in the freezing cold.

Like a crow to something shiny, I was momentarily distracted by Sushi 50%.

But let’s be honest: is 50% Sushi really a good idea?

No. No, it is not.

The gentleman here at Roberta Gelato and other assorted Cold Snacks is obviously a very hardy breed of Berliner. Let’s hope he’s contributed to the gene pool, because I for one would like to live in a society where people calmly sit outside to sip their coffee when the temperature is -3 degrees Celcius like it’s no big deal, and don’t even use the blanket to warm their track-suit-clad legs.

This would never happen in Munich.

There’s a lovely lady with a purple bouquet on the right, there, who I think really wanted to pose for my photos. She watched me intently and kept turning to face me. No Berliner stink eye today. Snow, and the world is happy!