Cats in Germany get only 7 lives

by Sirje

I find this very unfair. As soon as my adorable little demon cats crossed the ocean from NYC, they apparently automatically forfeited 2 lives. What is that? Who said that’s okay? I don’t remember the paperwork for that. Nevertheless, that’s how German cats roll: seven lives. Not nine wasteful capitalist lives like in SOME countries.

Have you ever had to bring a cat overseas? Wow. It really separates the men from the boys, let me tell you. Not only did they have to visit multiple vets and USDA authorities, get extra shots at specific times in relation to departure, oh and get microchipped and registered and be tested for explosives (yes, really), and get outfitted with a lovely stack of papers and kitty passports 500% in excess of my own, but they had to surrender four perfectly viable American cat lives. Which frankly we could have used with this guy.

You can see that he is too tired even for both eyes to look in the same direction in this photo. He has a few pills he has to take now. We need to make sure he eats right, gets enough exercise, and thats he gets enough sleep.

That last bit isn’t exactly a known cat problem, luckily.

But fortunately, he didn’t have to undergo anything too terrible this time, they just took a little blood and stood around fussing over him for several hours. But I think being in the animal hospital again alone all day stressed him out.

But now he’s back to his normal chipper self.

In fact, he seems to feel much better than he has in years, which is, I suppose, what happens if you finally diagnose a heart problem in a cat that everyone always thought was just a little lazy.

(Sorry about that, cat.)

I think everybody should have a cat as awesome as this one, to help them through life. He and his brother have have been with me through grad school, romances and breakups, losing my dad, a huge move overseas alone with zero German language ability, moving again, a couple fach changes, and getting married in a foreign country. All things sweet, difficult, silly, joyous, painful, strange, terrible and wonderful that can happen in a few years’ time, that you bring home with you every day.

It’s a lot to take on without kitties in your life.

And if you’re a person who doesn’t know how an animal can possibly help you through those things, then I have to say you are really missing out.