by Sirje

Today we set off before dawn, (technically called “morning”) for an inhumanely early appointment a couple miles away outside the city at the university veterinary clinic.

The drive was just beautiful, and the sun slowly rose as we drove down thick tree-lined streets.

In this very wooded area, snow covered every branch and the big mansions sat in their snowbanks looking like wedding cakes. No house photos this time, though.

I kind of had my hands full with 2 cats who were frankly not very excited about the trip, and had some words for me on the matter.

And then! Moment of moments. Never before seen, known to me only in myth and legend: A family of wild boar! Or, as they say in Germany, “Vailt Pick!”

Um, but not *this* wild pick. Er, pig. No. Because, sleep-deprived as I was (7:30!! that’s like the middle of the night!), and snapping photos of the trees in front of us right at that moment as I was indeed doing when my husband said “THERE!” and pointed, I hilariously put down my phone/camera, spotted the bastards out the right side window and actually thought, “oh crap, I wish I had a camera.” And then they were gone, and we were 5 miles past them.

Coffee. Try it sometime, Sirje.

Anyway, hanging out, cool as cucumbers, right there mere feet and inches and whiskers away from the road, was a group of teenaged delinquent-looking boar. They just had that look about them.

I’ve never seen them in Berlin before, though I have seen them in a petting zoo.

Now, some of you out there might rightly be raising your eyebrows at the idea of wild boar, about the size of Smart Cars, with huge pointy menacing horns and a very, very, VERY prickly kind of personality, living in a petting zoo, where small children are encouraged to offer up their limbs to them. And let me tell you: yeah. It’s pretty darn crazy, alright. Wild pigs run. Fast. They swim willingly across the Rhine. *I* had trouble swimming across the Rhine. Wild pigs? No problem. Anything for a tasty acorn, or to bite your face off.

Perhaps German parents use wild boar petting zoo exhibits to teach their children the not-unneeded skill of quick hand-eye coordination, or a healthy fear of blood-curdlingly dangerous situations.

Wild pigs do actually have a cute side. Especially the babies.

And it’s hard to deny that it is very very cute that wild pigs’ favorite snack is acorns. I mean really. That’s cute.

And now, a video.