The Strawberries Are Sleeping

by Sirje

My family lives in the warmest pocket of Germany. It’s very conducive to grape and fruit growing, which is why you get so many great wines and Schnapps and things there. You still get some pretty decent snow, too, but it doesn’t stick around for long when the warm air blows into the valley from France. So over the holidays, we were happy to enjoy long walks in practically balmy weather inbetween snowy days.

This house here in the front actually has an old-style Black Forest kitchen with an old clothes-cooking machine (precursor to washing machines) on the patio, which unfortunately you can only barely see from my photo here.  They also had a smiling pumpkin hanging in the tree just outside the frame, but that’s not important.

We saw at least 5 blue herons on this particular day. Here is one, shopping for fish on the left side of the creek just downstream from a few ducks that were having a spa day.

Here are several sleeping strawberry plants. Strawberries are pretty big here.

Just a little gate I thought was cute. It had a looooong massive stone wall of all sorts of mosses, succulents and herbs just tucked in the cracks.

Though it’s difficult to tell, this little gutter pretty much goes straight up, perpendicular to where I was standing. It carries run-off from the vineyards, which are always on a crazy incline.

The sky is always beautiful there.