Witch Marionettes: why? An existential discussion.

by Sirje

Okay. It’s difficult to capture the true creepiness that is witch-themed puppets and marionettes, hanging around in an attic on strings, catching every slight breeze that comes along and swinging slowly to and fro. These two characters, for example, are pretty small, minimally bendy, and seem fairly harmless.

But let it be said that even harmless, minimally-bendy witch-themed puppets will keep you awake at night when you have to sleep in the next room. Especially when the door, the only thing separating you from certain fatal or at least very itchy attack by little witch puppet arms and legs and brooms when they come to life at night, is glass, and you can see how every single shadow is lit by the moon and moves left…. and right…. and left…. and right…. Gack.

Oh dear. She seems so kindly. Then you notice…. you can’t look away…. WHY IS SHE LOOKING AT ME?

This next one is such a faker, pretending like she doesn’t actually watch you with her big bulbous eyes the second your attention takes you elsewhere. ::shudder::

And this guy:

I couldn’t get a good photo of Mr. Creepy Devil With A Fish Scale Suit Standing on a Weird Wooden Implement here. But rest assured, he is sufficiently creepy to fit in with the rest. And yes, that is his official name.

This next witch here is a real piece of work. Not only does she hang around creeping everybody out with her basket, but she has tusks. Why. Why would you make a doll like that that.

This last one is actually my least favorite. Except for the sadistic grimace and insanely long nose and buck teeth, his face is actually quite normal-looking. If he asked you for the time, it would actually take a second before you realized, oh wait: he is 1 foot tall, dressed like a crazy chicken, and happens to be an inanimate object.

And what’s what the white sack on a stick? Ugh. On second thought, I don’t want to know.