Bathtime: much more fun for some people

by Sirje

Because of some last-minute audition-related travel entanglements, I had to get my butt from one freezing cold end of Germany to the other.

Even though I’d just gotten my aforementioned butt there a day before I had to be in the other place.

So a certain wonderful someone decided to DRIVE me. Even though he knew he would be totally bored and the weather was, as you can see, awful. (He’s a really good driver, though).

His price for such unabashed chivalry? A very fancy over-the top bathtub in our room in Dresden. Seriously over the top. Like with a built-in under water lamp for, I suppose, nighttime bathing (or something), 3 different kinds of bubblers, a wave setting, and oh my goodness I don’t even know what else, but there were many, many buttons.

Me, I’m not really a bath person. There’s water, you sit there, washing your hair is difficult, so what. He, on the other hand…


(PS the audition went really well, and I am in the second round. Who knew there would be rounds?)