The Beggar

by Sirje

Actually, the subject of this photo, which it just so happens I have been dying to use for just such an occasion (that would be the occasion of idleness mixed with technological understanding) is not so much begging as it is enduring the act of showering the world with his magnificence, as he is wont to do, because it is his duty to help these ridiculous humans, and if they choose to give his person money, well, so be it.

Seriously, it was really weird. This was in NYC in June. If you can’t see it that well, it’s a cat sitting on a guy’s head. For a long time. And by the way the cat absolutely refuses to look at the camera.

Update! Someone spotted this today on icanhascheezburger, a very important and serious site which will change your life. Same guy, same cat… VASTLY better photograph. Enjoy.

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P.S. I’m guessing the cat is willing to look in your direction if you use a decent camera.